How To Customize Taskbar In Windows 10


The taskbar is quite different from earlier versions of Windows. Many changes came in the Windows 10 taskbar such as Cortana. Cortana is a default function in the Windows 10 taskbar. It's more than a box because it can search on the Web.
Windows 10 taskbar can be customized in many ways and there is no need for other tools for installation because many of them are pre-installed.

Customization of taskbar

  1. Change the color of Taskbar
    • The default color is Black.
    • It does not automatically change the taskbar color.
    • Transparency of the taskbar is available.
    • It can automatically pick an accent color from the background 
Step 1
Right-click on desktop area.
Step 2
Click personalization.
Step 3
Click colors.
Step 4
Switch automatically. Pick a color; an accent color from my background.

Enable or Disable Transparency

This option can be transparent in the taskbar.
In the taskbar, you can see the transparency. Similarly, if you switch off the button, the transparency will go.

Add or remove the icon from the Taskbar

On the taskbar, there is a default icon like Internet Explorer preplaced. You can remove and add the new icons, using a pin and unpin.
You can remove the default icon like Action center manually in the setting (Control Panel).
Some steps are as follows:
  • Click the setting or use Windows + I.
  • Click system.
  • Click Notification and actions.
  • Click the icon, which appears on the taskbar and turn on or off the icons, which you want to see or don’t see on the taskbar.
  • Go back to the notification and action, click Turn system icons on or off and then remove the system icons like a clock, battery power, Wi-Fi icon, notification, and other things.

Resize the Taskbar

If you want to increase the size of the taskbar for space of more icons or apps, you can do the following:
Step 1
Right-click on the taskbar and unlock the “Lock the taskbar”.
Step 2
Move the pointer to the upper edge of the taskbar.
Step 3
Hold the left-click and move the pointer to the upside.
Similarly, hold the left-click on the taskbar's upper edge and move the pointer to the downside.

Add or Remove Search Box

Right-click on the taskbar, click Cortana and choose hidden.

Move Taskbar to the top, left and right

The taskbar can be set on any side of the screen.
Step 1
Right-click on the taskbar and click the properties.
Step 2
Click the taskbar tab. Click the taskbar location on the screen and then select top, left or right, click apply and OK.

Remove the task view button

You can right-click on the task view in the taskbar and then click on the show task view button.
Now, you can see the task view button has gone.

Add a Toolbar to the Taskbar

Windows 10 allows the Toolbar features in the Taskbar, where you can quickly access the folders and its files, located anywhere on your system.
To create a new Toolbar, right-click on the free space in Taskbar and click “New Toolbar”.
Now, you can see the new Toolbar in the Taskbar.


In this article, we learned about How To Customize Taskbar In Windows 10.  

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