How to Git Pull Remote Branch to Local Branch

Have you tried to use git to pull a remote branch to a local branch and you faced a problem? if yes this article will help you to understand the problem and getting fix it in a moment.

Before we get started we just need to understand what is git pull. Actually, git is a general remote control system that allows users or developers to download and upload the project source code between them. While pull is only one command of many other commands inside the remote control system that already doing fetch and merging the remote branch into the local branch.

Entirely, to git pull remote branch to local branch. firstly you have to ensure which the current name is in your local stage.

Create a Git Branch

In the git remote control system, there is a main branch called master but you can create another name using the next git command.

git branch [The New Name Of Branch Here]

In general, the git branch is a thing like you define another pointer through the development.

Git Pull Remote Branch to Local Branch

Before using this command you have to understand what git pull does. Git pull has two parts to download the latest modifications, they are

  • Fetching
  • Merging

Two both are the process of git pull, the first one does a fetching, and the second one does a merging to the local branch.

The fetch git command like this

git fetch

The fetching command is to update the current track of the local branch. And the next command already happening inside git pull is "git merge".

git merge

By this command to merge and add a commit to the latest change in the local branch.

In another word, we can use only one git command to execute the previous two commands. We can use the pull command

git pull origin master

But it should be followed by the origin and master or your customized branch name.


Thank you for reading ...