How To Install SharePoint PnP Core Library In Visual Studio 2017

In this article, we are going to see steps to install SharePoint PnP Core library in Visual Studio 2017. PnP Core library increases the productivity of the developers by abstracting complex operations. PnP stands for Practices and Patterns, and is a community-driven open source project which Microsoft created for implementations on Office 365.

Step 1

  • Go to Solution Explorer. You can see all the project files; right-click the References and select "Manage NuGet Packages".


Step 2

  • In NuGet Package Manager window, click Browser tab and search the SharePointPnPCoreOnline in search text box. You will see that the SharePointPnPCoreOnline library is listed in the search result.


Step 3

  • Select the SharePointPnPCoreOnline from search results and click the "Install" button.

Step 4

  • Now, click "I Accept" button to accept the license agreement.


Step 5

  • It will take a few minutes to install SharePointPnPCoreOnline library to our project. We can see messages like below.


Step 6

  • Now, you can see all the SharePointPnPCoreOnline library references in the Solution Explorer.


That's it. Now, you can connect SharePoint and develop complex operations.

Thus, you have seen steps to install SharePointPnPCoreOnline library in Visual Studio 2017. Feel free to fill up the comment box below if you need any assistance.