How To Use Sticky Notes In Windows 10


Sticky Notes app is a powerful and effective reminder tool to help you arrange your plans or day. In Windows 10 Anniversary update versions, the new Sticky Notes app provides flight information when a flight number is written, and it provides stock information when a ticker number is written. With Sticky Notes, you can write a lot of notes and move them freely on your computer screen.
Here is how to open a Sticky Notes app in Windows 10. Do follow these steps:
Step 1
First, right-click on the taskbar and click Show Windows Ink Workspace button.
Now, the icon will be displayed in your taskbar. Open Windows Ink Workspace from there.
Step 2
Now, click on the Sticky Notes.
Step 3
When clicked, the Sticky Notes app opens up. Write the reminders that you want.
Step 4
When the time and dates are blue, then click on the Add Reminder button.
Step 5
When clicked on the Reminder button, Cortana confirms the reminder and alerts update and alarms you preceding the occasion.


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