How To Use The Windows Ink WorkSpace In Windows10


Windows Ink Workspace is the latest, impressive and useful tool, which is included in Windows 10 Anniversary update version. This tool's main idea and use is to solve handwriting problems for Sticky Notes, Sketchpad and Screen Sketch. Windows Ink Workspace is the set of pen-driven experiences, which helps you set your ideas in motion with your pen. 

How to open Windows Ink Workspace?

Step 1
You will select the Windows Ink Workspace icon on the taskbar and open the dialogue box as shown below-
Step 2
When this dialogue box opens, first is the Sticky Notes.
Step 3
In Sticky Notes, you can write the pre-plans in your desktop, as shown below, in the figure-
Step 4
Afterward, you will see the sketch pad, as shown below-
Step 5
In the sketchpad, open a screen, when you click this option. In this option, you can draw any sketch with the help of the tool, which is given in it-
Step 6
The final tool is the given screen sketch. When you select this and click this to open the screen sketch, it is shown like-
Step 7
When you select the screen sketch option, it will open with a screenshot on the desktop, open that screen and you will also create the other extra activities with the help of the tool, which is given in it. Afterwards, you will save this like an image.
Window ink Workspaces is the latest tool in Windows 10 update anniversary version.


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