Ignore The List Or Library Items From SharePoint Search Results

In this article I would like to share the steps to ignore the particular list items or library items from SharePoint search results. Already we have seen how to create a new search result source in SharePoint online.

What is Search?

  • SharePoint Search is used to get the keyword results from SharePoint sites, using search query.
  • Search centre is used to show the results from the site, using keywords.
  • In Search centre, there are several pages and they are called search verticals.
  • We can customize the search vertical, as we need. The default search verticals in SharePoint online are given below.
    • People
    • Conversation
    • Videos
  • SharePoint provides lots of options to customize the search results, as we require.

Steps to ignore the items from search results

Follow the below listed steps,

Step 1

Open your SharePoint site

Step 2

Click on the site content which will redirect you to the "View all site content" page, as shown below.


Step 3

Then select the list where you want to ignore the items from search results.

Step 4

After opened the SharePoint list, click on the list settings option from the top ribbon bar


Step 5

On the List Settings page, you can see the “Advance Settings” option,


Step 6

Scroll down the advanced settings page, you can see the search category in settings page as shown in below,



Step 7

Then select “No” option from “Allow items from this list to appear in search results?” as shown in below,

“Specify whether this list should be visible in search results. Users who do not have permission to see these items will not see them in search results, no matter what this setting is.”


Step 8

Click “OK” on advanced settings page after you have done the changes,

Finally this list items will not be available on the search results as we expected .


In this article we have explored how to ignore the particular SharePoint list items or library items form search results Happy searching :)