Import Power BI Visual from AppSource to Your Workspace


Power BI has a lot of ready-made visuals that you can find in the Visualizations area in both Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service. You can get even more certified Power BI visuals from AppSource. These are made by Microsoft and its partners, and checked for quality by the AppSource team. You can add these visuals straight to your Visualizations area.

Import a Power BI visual directly from AppSource

Step 1. Open your report in Power BI Desktop or Power BI service.

Step 2. Select the ellipsis from the Visualizations pane.

Screenshot of the Power BI Visualizations Pane, which shows the ellipses icon is highlighted.

Step 3. Select Get more visuals from the menu.

Screenshot of the Power BI Visualizations Pane, which shows the Get more visuals option is highlighted.

Step 4. Select AppSource visuals and choose the visual you want to import.

AppSource visuals

Step 5. Select the visual which you want to add.

Infographic Designer

Step 6. You can learn more about the visual in the overview section.

Infographic Designer Overview

Step 7. Click "Add" button to add the visual.


Step 8. You can see the new visual added to your visualization pane.

Build Visuals


Power BI offers a wide range of pre-built visuals within its Visualizations section, accessible in both Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service, providing users with a variety of options for data representation. Additionally, a broader selection of certified Power BI visuals is available on AppSource, developed by Microsoft and its partners and quality-checked by the AppSource team, allowing users to easily enhance their Visualizations palette with trusted and diverse visual options.

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