Introducing Visual Studio 2022


In today’s article, we will look at the new features we expect to see in the latest release of Microsoft’s premium development tool, Visual Studio 2022.

What will we get with Visual Studio 2022?

Visual Studio
Microsoft just announced that the preview version of Visual Studio 2022 will be available for developer testing ahead of the planned summer release this year.
So, what do we expect to see in Visual Studio 2022? I have outlined some of the most interesting features we have been told to expect with the latest version of Visual Studio:


  1. It will be the first Visual Studio to be a 64-bit application.
  2. Hence, it will not be limited to the 4GB of memory restriction.
  3. It will now be able to run large complex solutions without running out of memory.
  4. However, we can still use it to build 32-bit applications.

User Interface

  • Updated icons to reduce crowding and make the user interface more friendly.

    Visual Studio

  • Introduction of the Cascadia code font, a new fixed width font for better readability.
  • Refreshed and improved themes to setup your environment as required.
  • Integration with Accessibility Insights to detect accessibility issues early in the development cycle so these can be fixed.
  • Easy to personalize settings to make the environment more user-friendly.

Modern Application development

  1. Improved Azure cloud application development templates
  2. GitHub workflows for easy CI/CD.
  3. Full support for .NET 6 and its unified framework for web, client, and mobile applications.
  4. Includes .NET MAUI.
  5. Better support for ASP.NET Blazor applications.
  6. Better support for C++ workloads.

Other Improvements

  1. Performance improvements to the code debugger to improve the process of debugging the application.
  2. Live Share for real time collaboration with other developers and team members.
  3. Added AI Intelli-code engine to help you code quicker.
  4. More support for Git and GitHub.
  5. Better and improved code searching capabilities.


In this article, we looked at the new features we can expect to see with Visual Studio 2022. The main upgrade will be that it is now a 64-bit application. In the coming weeks, once I have the preview version deployed, I will look into these features in more detail. Happy coding!

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