Is Quantum Computing Used In Time Traveling?

Time Traveling

What is time? As declared by Albert Einstein, time is a hallucination; i.e, it is relative according to the observers and their speed in space. Einstein showed that time is one of the four dimensions of space time, not a three-dimensional one, which provides the observer with coordinates; length, width, height and direction.

Time traveling is referred to as the motion of an object or a person between certain phases of time. This can be done by an imaginary device to take the traveler backward or forward in time,  known as ‘time machine’.

The concept of ‘Time Travel’ is one of the most popular concepts in philosophy and science fiction.

Is time travel possible? Well, with the advancements in today’s physics, quantum theory can be used to solve the time travel mystery. Let’s see how.

Einstein’s special theory of relativity

The Special Theory of Relativity, or STR, is a theory of physics which revolves around the relationship between space and an object moving at a particular speed in a straight line. It states that the laws of physics are the same for all the non-accelerating frames of reference and the speed of light in vaccum is the same for all viewers regardless of the viewer’s speed. 

Before moving on to quantum computing, I would like to grab your attention with wormholes.

What are Wormholes?

A wormhole is a concept of hypothetical relation between two space times. It's said that it's useful in making a shortcut through a journey of nature. It came into existence by the theory of general relativity. Wormholes are not only limited to connecting two regions in a universe, but it can actually connect two universes. You can move into your past or future through wormholes. But, it's not as easy as it sounds! It takes a huge amount of strength which is also known as a ‘Herculean effort’ which coverts a wormhole into a time machine. Although, researchers claim that our technology is not sufficient to maintain or expand a wormhole. They say “A ‘super-advanced technology is needed to justify the theory of space time”.

Quantum Computing

In our daily life, the concept of time travel is a matter of impossibility. What if time travel is defined on the basis of quantum physics? Well, many scientists consider it as a ‘maybe’ concept. Through the concept of general relativity, we can say that time travel exists. Now, due to the advancements in quantum computing, it is being used in solving everything with the help of time travel quantum computers. Many researchers have presented their practices on quantum computing and wormholes.. Their practice involves doing experiments with time traveling particles so that fractiouos computation can be done.

In our normal life, time travel cannot be assumed. Wait! How can you forget about Einstein’s theory of relativity? When this theory of relativity exixts, we may give time travelling a second chance.


Time Travel Quantum Computing

A few years ago, a researcher found that a (time traveling) quantum computer can be used to solve a number of problems, such as, the NP-Complete problem.

The theory of relativity also gave us the concept of closed timeline curves which can also be understood as paths between space time. If we chase the closed timeline curves, then a traveler is able to interact with his/her past. Coordinating these closed timeline curves with quantum mechanics is a big issue which has been continuously attempted.

Quantum computing promotes various phenomena, irrespective of the presence and absence of the closed timeline curve in spacetime.

Time traveling can be described as a communication channel (with respect to quantum) to the backward direction of spacetime. One of the best examples of a communication channel is ‘Quantum Teleportation’. Quantum measurement, on combining with shared entanglement and communication, allows the sending and receivigng of quantum states. And, on combining quantum teleportation with post-selection, a way to the past is made via a communication channel. Entanglement arises on both the forward and backward parts of the curve due to which the quantum measurement is replaced by the post-selection, thus, precluding the need for a communication channel which gives birth to the time travel.


Now, we come to the conclusion that the aim of quantum mechanics in the time travel concept was to focus on the similarity and differences between varying time travel quantum theories. For many years, researchers have been involved in finding the involvement of quantum mechanics in time travel and it's still going on. Thus, it involves huge and complex mathematical computations  refer about  proven theories related to space time.