Let's Start The Game With Construct 2


It's time for game development. My previous articles are fully based on IoT (Internet of things). Therefore, I want to make some changes in my contribution and that's the reason I am jumping into  gaming. Working with gaming is my passion as well.
Construct 2

Construct 2 is a powerful HTML 5 game creator, designed especially for 2D games creators. It's great for a beginner and powerful. We can work with the Construct 2 engine more quickly than coding. The game engine only supports Windows.
Installing Construct 2 

If you do not already have Construct 2, the newer updated version is available here  and you can get it.

System Requirements
  • 64 bit Windows 7 to Win 10
  • 4GB RAM
  • A nVidia or AMD graphics card with the latest drivers, at least 512 MB
Construct 2 is designed for the following:
  • Indies and hobbyists.
  • Teachers and students.
  • Designers and artists.
  • Professionals and developers.
  • Any one like me, working for the passion. 
Multiplatformer support

We can easily export it on Chrome Web Store, Facebook, Kongregate, NewGrounds, Firefox Marketplace or use our Scirra Arcade to share your creations.

                      Figure: Exported on multiplatform

Things you'll need
  • Either PC (or) a laptop with the ability to work on Construct 2.
  • Construct 2 Game engine.
  • HTML5 compatible Browser.
  • Ability to dream apart from thinking, which is important.
Okay let's start your first game
After installing Construct 2, you can double click on the desktop icon and the Construct 2 start page will look as shown below:,

                                                Figure 1: Start Page
Step 1: Click the new project as mentioned in the image below:

                                    Figure 2: New Project 

Step 2:
After creating a new project, you get the following template, in which we will want to create a new empty project, shown below:

               Figure 3: Template
Step 3: After creating a new project, your Window will look as shown below:

                                 Figure 4 : Development area

Step 4:
In that center pane; either using the mouse or a touch pad, we want to double click the center of the Window, after which the new Window will open the image, as shown below:

            Figure 5: Insert new object type 

In this, we want to choose "sprite" object.
Afterwards, we want to double click on the center of the new Window, which will appear in it and we want to upload our assets called a player, after which the window will close.

Insert Image
                                 Figure 6: Insert Image 
In the properties Window, we have the behaviors, and it contains all the functions of the object, eg: eight directions.

                                                   Figure 7: Set the behavior
After doing all the processes, press F5 to run and the Browser will display the following output:

                                 ,            Figure 8: Output 

Finally, we created a simple object, which is moving. Using the Construct 2 game engine, we will see advanced development in the upcoming articles.