Microsoft Fabric Licensing and Pricing for UK South and West Regions


Welcome to Excel Jet Consult blog. Microsoft Fabric, a cloud-based data integration and analytics powerhouse, empowers users to seamlessly access, manage, and leverage data and insights from diverse sources within a unified, AI-driven platform. In this article, we are going to be focusing on the licensing and pricing for UK South and West Regions. Let's

Understanding the UK South and West Regions

The UK South and UK West regions are two of the regions that Microsoft cloud services  such as Azure and Fabric are offered to customers. The regions are located in Cardiff and London respectively. The UK South region was launched in 2016, while the UK West region was launched in 2017.

The UK South and UK West regions are designed to meet the data residency requirements of customers who need to store their data in the United Kingdom.

When it comes to Microsoft Tenant, the choice of region depends on the user’s needs.  Users can choose the region that best meets their needs based on factors such as data residency requirements, latency, and compliance.

In the screenshot below, my tenant is registered in the UK South Region (specifically in London) and by extension my cloud data in residents in the UK South Region.

Power BI

Microsoft Fabric Pricing Structure

The cost of Microsoft Fabric is tied to its capacity, measured in Capacity Units (CUs). For pay-as-you-go plans in the US West 2 region (a typical Azure locale), the rate stands at $0.18 per CU per hour. A monthly subscription for an F2 capacity, with a one-minute minimum, amounts to $262.8.

Pricing for UK South and West Regions

The Microsoft Fabric is amazingly available on the pay-as-you-go hourly and monthly at a relatively cost-efficient rates. The screenshot below shows the pricing for users and organizations in the UK South and West.


Note: Fabric is available for 60 days free trial which gives users access to the Fabric product experiences and the resources to create and host Fabric items. No credit card information is required to sign up for the free trial.

Key Benefits of Fabric Capacity

  • Simplified Procurement: Organizations can certainly enjoy the ease of purchasing with a unified compute pool catering to every workload.
  • Flexible Capacity Usage: organizations can use the same set of Capacity Units (CUs) dynamically, without the need for pre-allocating capacity.
  • Transparent Monitoring: businesses can leverage a centralized dashboard for clear and comprehensive monitoring of usage and associated costs without any hindrance.

Licensing Information

  • User Licensing: Each user requires a Power BI Pro license for accessing and sharing Power BI content.
  • License Costs
    • Standard Power BI Pro license: $10 per user/month.
    • Premium Per User (PPU) license: $20 per user/month.
  • Volume Considerations: For organizations exceeding 500 users (or 250 users with PPU licenses), acquiring an F64 license or higher is recommended to optimize cost-effectiveness.

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