nopCommerce 4.20 - What's New, Changes And How To Upgrade

nopCommerce is a widely popular eCommerce platform. It fulfills both corporate and small business owner's needs. nopCommerce is a well-structured solution, It consolidates awesome features of open source and very good commercial software. It furnishes various features like Mobile friendly, Product details, Checkout, Marketing, Multi-vendor, and multi-store support.

New Features of nopCommerce 4.20

Re-designed admin area. A lot of UI/UX enhancements in the admin area.
Before, UI was not very user-friendly. The modernizing of the admin area made it more attractive and user-friendly. nopCommerce is moved to Datatable from outdated Kendo Grid. Major changes in UI are done at the product details and general settings page. All tabs were replaced by folding panels.
Nopcommerce 4.20 - What's New, Changes And How To Upgrade
Nopcommerce 4.20 - What's New, Changes And How To Upgrade

New Plugins support

In the modern era, every store owner is actively looking for the lowest processing cost. Qualpay is one of them. It supports features like Recurring transaction, Subscription transaction, PCI DSS support, hosted payment forms, etc.
The name itself seems to be a giant marketing platform. Now, nopCommerce is enabled with sendinblue integration. Everyone can play with the below outstanding features like MailChimp.
  • Sync contact
  • SMS campaign
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Abandoned cart email
  • Email campaign 
Tax is a very well-known word in all over the world, especially in India. Its calculation is one of the most annoying steps in managing multi-state Goods and Services Tax. Now it has become hassle-free to use with nopCommerce. It provides real-time tax calculation and sales tax.

Performance Enhancements

Performance is a vital part of building a website. nopCommerce 4.20 is much faster than the backward versions. I've tested the demo site with and Both give awesome results as compared to all previous versions. 
Nopcommerce 4.20 - What's New, Changes And How To Upgrade
Nopcommerce 4.20 - What's New, Changes And How To Upgrade

Cross-Platform And Docker Support

Now nopCommerce can run on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, etc. Now, it's totally moved to ASP.NET Core and it's cross-platform. It also contains a docker file to create a nopCommerce container which is less time consuming.

Install/Uninstall multiple plugins

The latest version of nopCommerce allows you to perform multiple installs and uninstall features at a time. It is one of the better performance features.
Nopcommerce 4.20 - What's New, Changes And How To Upgrade

List of small out of the box features and improvements

  • Caching improvement
  • HTML minification
  • Favicon or app icon
  • Add basic filter for shopping cart and wishlist at admin UI

How to upgrade to Nopcommerce 4.20

Upgrade your existing store with the latest version of nopCommerce by using a few steps.
Let's look at these steps.

Backup of your existing deployable code, source code, and database.
Execute SQL upgrade script. For instance, if you want to upgrade with 4.20 and the current version of your store is 3.80, then you have to upgrade 3.90, 4.0, 4.10 here you can find all the scripts.
Get the latest version of nopCommerce from here.
Connect your latest database with this version which you just downloaded and test at the local environment. Ensure that all the things are OK.
Official site of nopCommerce.

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