PowerApps - Form Field Validations

In this article, we will see how to apply validations, like required field, numeric field, etc., in a Power Apps form. Form validation is a process where a form checks if the information provided by a user is correct or not. The form will either alert the user that they made a mistake and need to fix something in order to proceed, or the form will be validated and the user will be able to continue with their form submission process.

In our case, we have a Power Apps form with following fields:

  • Name: Name of employee – Text field
  • Employee ID: ID of employee – Number field
  • Email Address: Email field
  • Phone Number: Text field with specific format- ###-###-####
  • Age: Number field with value greater than 21
  • Joining Date: Date field, greater than current date
  • Password: Password field

Here is the form with the fields:

Below I've provided the steps and approaches to validate these different types of fields in Power Apps.

Validation for Name Field - Required field validation

Select the Name card. From the advanced properties, choose to unlock to change properties.

On the Required property of the card, change it to "true."

This is the PowerApps required field validation on submit.

For implementing validation before submit, go to the Fill property of Name text field and add validation for IsBlank to show yellow background if the field is empty.


If(IsBlank(txtName),Yellow, RGBA(255, 255, 255, 1))


If(!IsBlank(txtName.Text), "", "The Field can not be blank")

Validation for Employee ID Field - Numeric field validation

To validate the Employee textbox to accept only numbers, select the textbox and require the Format property to be a number.

Validation for Email Address Field - Email format field validation

An email address must be in the format [email protected]. There is a predefined matching pattern that already exists for email addresses that you can use.

Select the Email Address textbox. In the Fill property write this formula:


If(IsMatch(txtEmailAddress.Text,Match.Email),RGBA(255, 255, 255, 1),Yellow)

Validation for Phone Number Field - Phone number format validation

Select the Phone number textbox. Make the Format property text to allow digits and - characters. In the Fill property, tell the formula to allow only 10 digits in the format ###-###-####

If(IsMatch(txtPhoneNumber.Text, Match.Digit&Match.Digit&Match.Digit&"-"&Match.Digit&Match.Digit&Match.Digit&"-"&Match.Digit&Match.Digit&Match.Digit&Match.Digit),RGBA(255, 255, 255, 1),Yellow)

In Tooltip

   "The Phone number should be in the format ###-###-#### "

Validation for Age Field - Numeric field with conditional validation

The age field is more than 21 years of age. Select the Age textbox. Make the Format property "number" to allow only digits.


If(Value(txtAge.Text) >= 21, "", "Age must be >=21")


If(Value(txtAge.Text) >=21,RGBA(255, 255, 255, 1),Yellow)

Validation for Joining Date Field - Date field validation for specific days in future

The user must choose a weekday, from Monday to Friday, and this must be a day in the future.

joinDateErrorMessage.Text as well as joinDate.Tooltip: If(Weekday(joinDate.SelectedDate, StartOfWeek.Monday) > 5, "Choose a day from Monday to Friday", joinDate.SelectedDate <= Today(), "Must choose a date in the future")


If(Weekday(joinDate.SelectedDate, StartOfWeek.Monday) <= 5 And joinDate.SelectedDate > Today(),RGBA(255, 255, 255, 1),Yellow)

Validation for Password Field - Password format validation

Select the Password textbox. Insert a check or any icon in the text field. Set it at the right corner. In the icon property, set the formula to:


If(IsMatch(txtPassword.Text, "^(?=[^\d_].*?\d)\w(\w|[!@#$%]){7,20}"), Check, Icon.Lock)

This validates a strong password, which can contain eight, nine, or 10 characters, with the addition of at least one digit and at least one alphabetic character and no special characters.

In the color property of the icon write this formula:

If(Self.Icon=Icon.Check, Green, Red)

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