PowerApps Send Email

In this article, we will learn about how to send emails using the PowerApps and Microsoft365 Outlook connector.
First, you need to log in to here/ and create a blank canvas app using tablet layout.
We need to create Data Sources. In this example, we are going to create 3 data sources,
  1. Microsoft 365 Users
  2. Microsoft 365 Outlook
  3. SharePoint
In the next step, we need to design the form. Insert the Combo Box for selecting the users to whom you're sending the email. There is an input textbox for the subject line, and rich text editor for body and attachment controls.
You need to set the item property for the Combo Box control as per the below screenshot. Using this property, we can search and select the multiple users in Combo Box.
Insert the Text Input control for the Subject as per the below screenshot.
For the email body, we will use the Rich Text Editor control so we can use the text formatting tools like bold, font color, underline, highlight the text, etc.
Now, we are going to send the attachment in an email. For that, we need to use the attachment control on the form. As we don’t have the attachment control available in PowerApps, we need to add one edit form on another screen and select the SharePoint data source. Once the Edit form is ready, we need to copy the attachment control from that edit form and paste it on our email screen and remove all the properties to fix the errors.
At last, add a button on the screen and change the text property to "Send email based on inputs + Attachments".
Set the OnSelect property of button control as per the below screenshot.
Now, let run the PowerApps and fill in  the form and click on the "Send email based on inputs + Attachments" button to send the email.
Below is the output email notification using PowerApps and Microsoft 365 Outlook and the user's data source. I hope you learned how to send emails using PowerApps in this article. Happy Learning.

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