Reading An Excel File In UiPath

What is RPA

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation,  an emerging form of business process automation technology which provides easy GUI based tools and activity to automate business processes.
Here we are using UiPath RPA Tool.
First Install RPA Tool UiPath Community Edition from here.
Simple Hello World and Web Scraping Projects/Program articles are already here in C# Corner.
Now we will create Automation using UiPath to read the data from the existing Excel file and paste that data into Notepad.
Open Uipath Studio
opening UiPath
Under New Project click on Process for blank project
selecting a New Project
It will give you the below screen,
New Blank Process
Type Name and Description then click on the Create button
Step 2
As this is a very simple step first we will be reading an excel then we will open a notepad and write the invoice number into it. So we will choose Sequence activity as everything is in linear/sequence form.
open main workflow
Click open main workflow
Drag sequence activity under main
Drag Sequence activity under main
Change properties displayName from Sequence to “Read Excel and paste into notepad”
Step 3
For reading an excel first we will choose the activity called "Excel Application Scope" from activities
Type "Excel application scope" into search activities
selecting excel scope activity
Drag it into "drag activities here" under main
Give the Excel path in WorkbookPath Properties or else just click … and browse to the Excel file.
Selecting Excel
Search Read Excel and drag it as below: 
search read cell and drag
Now give the cell value and Sheet name from an existing Excel sheet as below
giving values to existing excel
To store a result we need a variable

Create a variable by clicking on variable,

Select proper variable type and scope
create a variable
Pass that variable to Result.
pass the variable to results
Now we have read the data invoice number from Excel and stored it in the Variable called getInvoiveNumber
Step 4
Open Notepad Application by taking open application activity from activities.
open application notepad
Pass the "C:\windows\system32\notepad.exe" into FileName Property
Open Notepad
Click on Indicate on Screen in Open application activity and click on the notepad screen.
Click on indicate screen notepad
Selector for Notepad
selector for notepad
Here I have replaced Notepad with '*' to make it dynamic 
Now we need to attach that notepad window
For that take attach window activity as shown
attach window
Go to indicate on screen and click on notepad
attach window indicate screen
Now choose the type into activity to type the  invoice number to Notepad
type into activity
Go to properties in text field and pass the variable that has stored the invoice number in variable getInvoiceNumber
pass variable to type into activity
Now run the automation/sequence by clicking on Debug button.
It will take the data from Excel and paste on notepad


Now you are able to write the Automation using UiPath for taking data from existing Excel and typing it to any application using type into activity. You can use the given use case explained here in any of your projects.

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