Real-Time Text Display in Power Apps

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In the world of app development, real-time interaction is key to engaging users and providing a dynamic user experience. With Power Apps, Microsoft's low-code platform, developers can easily create applications that respond to user input in real-time. In this article, we'll explore how to implement a real-time text display feature in Power Apps, allowing users to see their input reflected instantaneously as they type.


  1. Enhanced user experience: Real-time text display provides immediate feedback to users, creating a more interactive and responsive app environment.
  2. Improved productivity: Users can quickly see the impact of their input, reducing the need for additional confirmation or validation steps.
  3. Increased engagement: Real-time updates capture users' attention and encourage active participation, leading to a more immersive app experience.
  4. Streamlined communication: For collaborative apps or chat interfaces, real-time text display facilitates seamless communication by displaying messages as they are typed.

Implementation for creating an app

  1. Open Power Apps.
  2. Click on the "Create" button.
    Click on create button
  3. Select "Blank app".
    Blank app
  4. Choose "Blank tablet app" as the app type.
    Blank tablet app
  5. Provide a name for your app.
  6. Select "Create" to proceed.


Text input

Enter some text

  1. Add a text input control: Start by adding a text input control to your Power App canvas. This will be the field where users can input their text.
  2. Insert a text label control: Place a text label control on the canvas where you want the real-time text display to appear. This is where the user's input will be reflected as they type
    Tree view
  3. Set the text property: Select the text label control and set its Text property to reference the Text property of the text input control. This will bind the text label to the input field, causing it to display whatever text is entered into the input control. Replace TextInput1 with your control name.

Function TextInput1.Text

  1. Beautify your app: This can be achieved by inserting a rectangle element with a background color, along with the specified text, as illustrated in the preceding snapshot.
    Any text
    Run time input
  2. Test your app: Save your changes and test your Power App. As you type into the text input control, you should see the text label update in real-time to reflect your input.
    Run time text display


Implementing a real-time text display feature in Power Apps is a simple yet effective way to enhance user interaction and engagement. By providing immediate feedback to users as they type, you can create a more dynamic and responsive app experience that encourages active participation and streamlines communication. Whether you're building a productivity tool, a collaborative app, or a chat interface, real-time text display is a valuable addition to any Power Apps project

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