Removing Retention from a SharePoint Site

What is the retention Policy?

A retention policy is like a set of rules for how long those files should stay in the library. It helps keep things organized and ensures that files are kept or deleted based on specific timeframes or rules. So, it's a way to manage and control the life cycle of your documents in the SharePoint library.

If you want to change or remove a retention policy, you usually need admin access to make sure it's done securely and following the right rules.

To remove a SharePoint site from the retention policy, you can follow these steps:

  1. Access the Compliance Center
    Log in to the Microsoft 365 compliance center using your administrator credentials.
  2. Navigate through the menu to the Policies and select Retention policy from the options.
    Microsoft Purview
  3. On the Data Lifecycle Management screen, select the method from the policy created by others, or you can create a new retention policy accordingly and edit the policy.
    Data lifecycle management
  4. Name your retention policy and click Next.
  5. Choose the admin units you'd like to apply this policy to and click Next.
  6. After selecting the admin unit, you need to choose the sites and where you want to apply the retention policy, e.g.
    * Exchange Mailboxes
    * SharePoint sites
    * OneDrive
    * Groups
    * Skype
  7. Select the type of retention policy to create. By default, options are checked, so you need to perform any actions there; just click Next.
  8. Now you have to decide whether you should retain content, delete it, or do both and click Next.
    Retain content
  9. Review and finish here. You edit your selection and make it correct if there should be any changes, and if not, just submit.


A retention policy helps keep things organized and ensures documents are kept or deleted based on specific rules.

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