Robotic Process Automation Using Automation Anywhere


This article describes how to start work as RPA Developer in Robotic Process Automation. We will create bots in Automation Anywhere using community edition.

What is Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is a digital workforce of software robots that enables you to emulate and integrate the actions of human behavior within digital systems by developing your own software bots to conduct a business process.

You can refer to this article for more information about RPA.

About Automation Anywhere

It’s a popular platform to start working in RPA field as RPA developer, where you can create different kinds of bots to automate manual efforts in technology world.

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Account Creation and Installation

To start work on Automation Anywhere as a learner, you need to create an account on the community edition of Automation Anywhere and install Bot Agent on your machine. Please follow this article for that.

I hope you have created an account for the community edition and installed Bot agent on your machine. We are ready to start creating our first bot where we will show a message box with ‘hello world’ text.

Create a New bot

After logging Automation anywhere account through link,

You will see a Dashboard as shown in below image and you can create a new bot through the highlighted button ‘create a bot’-

After clicking on that button, you will get a popup window. It will ask some information about bot which you want to create like-

  • Name of bot
  • Description of bot
  • Folder location of bot

Basic overview of Bot Editor

After hitting on ‘Create & Edit’ button, it will create a new bot and there will be page which look like mentioned in below image-

I highlighted a couple of necessary section to understand before starting.

  1. Here we have this 3 pallete with some description
    1.  Variables - To store values like in programming world with different data types
    2. Actions - To perform some action like show message box
    3. Triggers - Event to perform any action, if required
  2. Here again, we have these 3 panes with some description
    1. Flow - View of contents in a flow
    2. List - View of contents in a list
    3. Dual - View of contents in both flow and list
  3. This section shows the
    1. ‘Assistant’ - For some assistance like errors or warning
    2. Run - Run the bot
    3. Debug - Debug the bot
  4. Save the bot after adding anything in bot

Start work on bot

  1. Find message box from ‘Action’ palate
  2. Drag and Drop message box into the view
  3. Change default settings of message box
    • Change message box title
    • Change message
    • Checked option to ‘close message box after’ if need to close message box automatically.

Click on save button and then run it. Output will be shown as below,


In this article, you have learned what is RPA and how to configure the environment of Automation Anywhere to start creating bot. We created a bot to show message box with ‘hello world’ text.

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