SAS Viya Visual Analytics


Organizations need analytical tools for the quick analysis of huge amounts of data. SAS Viya can provide advanced machine learning capabilities for the data scientist. It’s a cloud-based product that provides exciting data visualizations.


Some following benefits of SAS Viya are described below:
  • Ability to work on a large number of analytical skills in the form of organizational innovating and collaborating datasets.
  • Data sets that are complex to solve and visualize can be analyzed easily by SAS Viya.
  • It helps to accelerate analytics skills.

Getting Started

For a learner account, you can visit and create an account through your university or organization.
Step 1
Login to your SAS Viya account through After logging in to the system, click on the launch application for working online with SAS Viya.
Step 2
After logging into the application, a screen will appear for processing.
Select the new button on the screen.
Select Report from the option.
Step 3
A console will appear, there should be options of the datasets.
Search data set which is required for analysis. (I have selected the “Insight toy company”.)
After selecting the data sets, click “ok”
Data will load for processing.
A page will appear on which all the visualizations will be performed.

Console Explanation

The following option is described below for processing:


In the data panel, all the data sets are available.
There are different categories of data available.
Through data option, a new data set can be created from previous data.
Different measures are available for the processing of category data sets.
Aggregated data sets are available.
Two or more categories can generate hierarchal data sets.


Different objects through which different kinds of visualization can be achieved.


There are two types of tables available for the comparison of the values in the Grid format.
In list tables, all the data is in the form of rows and columns.
In cross-table, there is an option to evaluate data through the crossing of the hierarchal structure.


Graphs are available for visualization of data.
Data can be in the form of a bar chart to compare values.
A line chart can elaborate on the time series.


There are different controls available through which all other graph values can interact.
The choice from the control will change different object values as filters.

This was the basic overview of SAS Viya. I hope you enjoyed!