Google Sheets Part One - Setup A Google Project

We are going to start a new article series for Google sheets using Visual Studio. Always stay tuned for all articles related to Google sheets using Visual Studio.

In this article, we will cover the below things,

  • What are Google Sheets
  • Compare with Microsoft Excel
  • Setup a Project for Google Sheet

What are Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a Web-based application that allows users to create, update and modify sheets and share the data live online. This program is compatible with Microsoft Excel and CSV (comma-separated values) files. Data between Google Sheets is synchronized automatically.

Compare with Microsoft Excel's "Export To Excel" 

As we know Excel is a desktop application. To read or edit the data in Excel we need to install MS Office in our system. For this, we need to download the Excel sheet.

Google Sheets is a browser-based application. To read or edit the data we need only permission. Data between users is synchronized automatically. There is no need to upload or download any sheet.

Setup a Project for Sheet Integration

For Google Sheet integration we need to configure the project in Google API Console. Follow the below steps,

Step 1

To integrate Sheets we need set up the Google API console. To open API console, you can hit the below URL

or you can do the below,

Google api console

Step 2

After performing the first step, the below screen will appear,

setup in Google api console 

In this screen, you will find that there are currently 185 APIs and services are provided by Google. In the second tab “Library” you will find that these are categorized as Email, Big Data, G Suite, Machine Learning, Maps etc.




Step 3

Google Sheets is one of them, you can find that in the G suite category.

G suite category 

Step 4

On the  screen click on Google Sheets API, and the below screen appears.


Google sheets api


Here are all the things which we need to use Google Sheets.

Step 5

Before telling you step 5, I want to talk about he above steps. There you are seeing a dropdown “Select a Project” button at the top, or the Button  Button at right.

Select a Project 

What does it mean?

According to the Google, we need a project to perform any API or Service operations.

Is this mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory.

In the above screen click on the create project button, then the below window will appear.


create project button


Step 6

In the  screen click on Create Button. Then the below screen will appear.

Create Button 

Here you can name a project. Google picks the project name automatically, you can change that name. You see that there is another option is the project ID. Google picks it automatically also, but you can change that name, which must be unique for Google.

You can put 12 projects on Google FREE OF COST.

Step 7

I put the project name “year2018” and Project ID “pradeepk0141-year2018”. Both will be used later.


project name


Step 8

Click on Create Button, then progress gif will display. It takes 10-20 seconds only, to create a project. After the below screen will appear,

Create Button 

Thus we create a project, named Year2018.


To use any Google service you need to create a new project. If you have some alternate way to achieve this kind of requirement then please let me know, or if you have some query then please leave your comments.

In the next article, we will learn the below things,

  • Google Sheet Terminology
  • Credentials and Authentication
  • Defining Worksheet Size & Title
  • Add A Worksheet
  • Operations In Worksheet
  • Cell-Based Operations
  • Delete A Worksheet