Setup Raspberry Pi 2/3 With Windows 10 IOT Core OS For First Usage

This article briefs you about how to set your Raspberry Pi device with Windows 10 IoT Core Operating System for your first usage. Raspberry Pi 2/3 device can work with many third operating systems and Windows 10 IoT core is one such OS which is used by many people as it makes the user environment much friendlier at the beginner’s stage.

Requirements for your first setup:

S/W needed:

  1. Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard setup – 500 MB (.iso file)Can be downloaded from this URL.
  2. Windows 10 Pro on your laptop or PC.

H/W needed:

  1. 8 GB Micro SD card with Class 4
  2. SD Card reader


We will be speaking only about Raspberry Pi 2/3 as only these models can support for Windows 10 IoT Core Operating Systems (so from now on Raspberry Pi will be pointing only towards these models under this article, shortly specified as RP2/RP3).

Step 1:

In your machine (laptop/PC) which is running with Windows 10 Pro OS download Windows 10 IoT Core dashboard and install it. Run your setup file, complete the installation.

Now you will be getting the following things on your laptop:

  1. WindowsIoTCoreWatcher
  2. WindowsIoTImageHelper

Step 2:

Insert your SD card on your card reader and plug in to your laptop or PC with the USB port, now run the program called WindowsIoTImageHelper

Here you can find your SD card which is connected to your device. Select the device and flash it (a format will be undergone at this process).

You will be getting this screen where your Windows 10 IoT core Operating System is written towards your SD card.


Now unplug your SD card reader, insert the SD card on the SD card slot available at your RP device. Further, move towards plugging in your RP device.

Find the video documentary for this article.

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