SharePoint List View To Show The Items Created By The User

Here is an example of expense items submitted by employees to get reimbursement and to track the status of their expense report submission.

Step 1

Create “Expenses” list with the set of columns, mentioned below.

Step 2

Share the list to other colleagues to submit the expense report by clicking the link “Permission for this list”.

Add members to “Members” groups with Edit access, so that the users can submit expenses.

Click the “New” link and “Add users to this group” link to add new members to the group.

This is the place, where we need to add new users to the group.

Step 3

By clicking the “New item”, a new form will be displayed and the user is allowed to provide the details about the expenses.

New Item Form

Once the list is ready, next step is to create the ListView, which contains expenses submitted by logged-in user.

Step 4

Go to Settings -> Site contents and then “Site Pages”.

Now, create “Web Part Page”, as shown below.

Follow the below steps to create the “Web Part Page”, using the highlighted template.

Step 5

Now, in the newly created page, add “Expenses” ListView Web Part (Add a Web Part), as shown below.

After adding the Web part, click on the down arrow in the header of the Web Part to configure the ListView.

First, click on the “Edit the current view” to select the list of the fields to be displayed in the Web part.In “Toolbar Type”, select “No Toolbar”.

To select the list of fields to be displayed, follow the steps, given below.

Here is the key part, where Sort and Filters comes into the picture.

Now, go to the bottom of the ListView settings page and click “OK” to return to the “Web Part” settings. Also, there is a section to show the list items categorized by group by selecting the highlighted field, given below.

In “Appearance” section, go to “Chrome Type” and select “None” Click “Apply” button.

Finally, click “OK” in the Web part settings.

Here is the final output.