Supported File Types for Data Ingestion into KQL Database in Fabric

What is KQL in Fabric?

KQL Database is a new service from Microsoft Fabric Synapse Real-time analytics experience that allows users to store and query data using Kusto Query Language (KQL) which is a powerful and expressive language for working with structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

Currently, the KQL Database in Fabric supports various file types, such as JSON, CSV, XML, and Text File, and enables users to perform data ingestion and transformation using Data Factory. The KQL does not support XLSX data. 

In the screenshot below, I ingested data stored in Microsoft Excel Workbook which issues xlsx extension but you notice that xlsx is not supported. This implies that I need to either re-save the file as Comma comma-separated value CVS or a Text file to successfully ingest the data.

Microsoft Excel Workbook

In the next screenshot below, I saved and re-saved the file using CSV format and ingested it into a SalesData Database in the KQL in Fabric. It is observed the Status displayed a green checkmark indicating that this format is supported.

 CSV format

Then, Proceed to click on Next.

On the next page, we can inspect the data to be sure the data is inaccurate.

 Inspect the data

Click on Finish.

There we go! The columns are visible in the SalesData database in Microsoft Fabric. We can then query the data using the QuerySet which I will cover in future articles.


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