Top 7 Ridesharing Apps In 2020

Top 7 Ridesharing Apps In 2020

Presenting the Best Ridesharing Apps List in 2020

As technology is gaining more prevalence in our lifestyle, the routine chores are getting simpler to execute. Be it shopping, travelling, or getting entertainment, we have a plethora of options to choose from.
From eCommerce stores, media streaming, to booking cabs, you can do pretty much everything remotely. The majority of the industries have already been revolutionised as they are entirely discarding their traditional methods.
One such industry is the cab services where the online ride-booking practices are completely dominating the arena. It is evident by the relevance Uber has in the market. When we say taxi services, Uber is the first name that pops in our mind.
But wait. Even the original taxi services are evolving, and a great example of the same is the trend of ridesharing applications. Even the said pioneer of online taxi booking now proposes the option of choosing a ridesharing offer.
What happened? Why did ridesharing becomes a thing so quickly? Some studies suggest that by 2025, the ride-sharing market will expand as much as 218 billion dollars. The reasons behind the popularity are simple. Ridesharing is eco-friendly, save money, and helps the economy expand.
With ridesharing gaining so much popularity, it is natural for you to test it out as well. The web is filled with questions like “what is the best ridesharing app” and “top ridesharing apps”. That is why we have prepared the ultimate list of best ridesharing apps in 2020,

Best Ridesharing Apps in 2020


Uber (Multiple Services)

Calling Uber one of the most popular taxi booking apps is not be a stretch. It has global reach and relevance, which every business aims for. The rapid growth of Uber can be accounted for as the most effective stimulant for the taxi booking trend’s growth.
Uber released the UberPOOL option in the mid-2014, and the addition has proven to be effective as well.
Driver Features 
  • Driver gratuity
  • Hearing accommodations
  • Proactive rating system
  • Ability to list the reason for cancellation
Rider Features
  • Ride scheduling before the ride
  • Make payment until booking the next Uber
  • Service animals allowed
  • Availability for adding multi drop-off points

Via (Designated Ridesharing)

Garnering reach in 20 countries around the globe is a commendable feat and Via has done it comprehensively. The company acts solo in 6 countries and has partnered with local enterprises in the rest.
You instantly connect to the rider after making the booking. The option of carbon footprints and dedicated ride-sharing is one of the best features of the app.
Driver Features
  • Sign-up driver bonus
  • Car renting available
  • Flexible
  • Low service fee
Rider Features
  • Affordable
  • Referral Rewards
  • Premium pickup service
  • Proactive customer support

LYFT (Affordability)

As one of the best car-sharing apps on the web, LYFT provides its premium services in 640 US and 9 Canadian cities. The discounts on the app are handy and its short waiting time is the cherry on top.
Driver Features
  • Driver-specific app
  • Ability to mark a ride as the last ride
  • Accepts tips
  • Increased revenue
Rider Features
  • Sharing feature can save money
  • Quick booking and pickup
  • Background check on drivers
  • Offers Lyft Amp can pinpoint the driver’s location

BlaBla Car (Letting the drivers take the initiative)

The approach BlaBla Car adopts is unique and intuitive. Instead of letting passengers hire drivers, it lets the drivers choose their pick up and drop off spot. If any passenger wants to join the driver, they can easily request to do so while sharing the cost.
Driver Features
  • Unique rating system
  • Flexibility
  • Lets drivers choose the ride
  • Reduced fuel costs
Rider Features
  • Safe and affordable rides
  • Nearby drivers
  • Last-minute booking available
  • Women-only driver option available

GoKid (Carpooling for kids)

GoKid operates in 25 countries worldwide, helping families stay relaxed about their kids commuting. The initiative is revolutionary for working parents who cannot leave their kids travel routinely. You have the option to choose the family to drive your kids around. 
Driver features
  • Best for pick-up and drop-off
  • Supports in-app texting
  • Allows inviting people from the contact list
  • Option to choose the driver
Rider Features
  • Best for kids
  • Allows real-time tracking
  • Functions on sheer mutual favours
  • Takes off the unnecessary burden

Bridj (On-demand public commute)

As another innovator in the transport arena, Bridj offers public ride-sharing around Sydney. The on-demand app deploys a public transport bus to help people commute. For avoiding any delay, the app convinces the riders to walk one mile and reach the common pick up spot.
Driver Features
  • Tablet access available
  • Training provided
  • Dedicated app functions
  • Simple routing
Rider Features
  • Payment through credit cards
  • Walking distance for the pick-off
  • USB charging and free Wi-Fi

Hitch (Between city rides)

Want to commute between Houston and Austin? Hitch is here for you. Drivers and riders heading towards a similar city can opt for the service through matching. Trips start at a mere 25 dollars and you can book anytime between 7-7.
Driver Features
  • Good revenue
  • Allows posting pre-trip schedule
  • Convenient pick-up and drop-off
  • Allows coffee-breaks
Rider Features
  • Cheaper than a bus
  • Allows booking one-hour prior riding
  • Middle seat matching is disabled
  • Comfortable

Wrapping Up

With the ridesharing industry expanding rapidly, the market can expect new and innovative ventures entering the domain. The blog has mentioned the best seven ridesharing apps in 2020 so that you can commute easily in these trying times.
Go through the blog to take a look at the list, and reach RevInfotech to read more stuff like this.