What Is Corda Blockchain

What is Corda Blockchain
Corda is an open source distributed ledger technology developed by company named r3.
Corda Blockchain 
The Corda Platform is an open source blockchain platform. Corda removes costly friction in business transactions by enabling institutions to transact directly using smart contracts, while ensuring the highest levels of privacy and security. From its inception, Corda was built specifically for business.
What is Corda Enterprise
Corda Enterprise is a commercial distribution of Corda open source designed specifically to meet the demands of modern day businesses. Harnessing the unique features of our core offering—Corda Enterprise is the optimal choice for organizations with additional business requirements such as deployment inside corporate firewalls, 24/7 support, predictable release schedules, dedicated product management, and support for industry-standard enterprise databases.
Learn basics of Corda and how Corda works in this following video.