What's new in .NET 9? .NET 9 Preview 3

We're excited to announce the release of .NET 9 Preview 3, packed with new features and improvements across .NET Libraries, Runtime, and SDK. This preview release brings enhancements aimed at boosting performance, improving developer productivity, and introducing new capabilities to the .NET ecosystem. Let's explore some of the key highlights in this release:

1. TimeSpan.From Overloads

  • .NET 9 Preview 3 introduces new overloads for the TimeSpan.From method, providing additional flexibility and convenience when working with time intervals.
  • TimeSpan.From overloads

2. PersistableAssemblyBuilder in System.Reflection.Emit

3. Faster Exception Handling

  • This release includes optimizations for exception handling, resulting in improved performance and responsiveness of .NET applications.
  • Faster exception handling

4. Inlining Improvements: Shared Generics with Runtime Lookups

5. Terminal Logger Usability

  • Usability enhancements have been made to the terminal logger, improving the developer experience when working with logging in .NET applications.
  • Terminal Logger Usability

For a more detailed overview of these new features and additional updates, please refer to the following release notes:

In addition to the core .NET components, there are also updates in specific areas:

Get started

To get started with .NET 9, install the .NET 9 SDK.

If you're on Windows using Visual Studio, we recommend installing the latest Visual Studio 2022 preview or getting started with Visual Studio Code and the C# Dev Kit extension.

You can find .NET 9 Preview 3 Installer & Binaries on GitHub.

You can find the .NET 9 Preview 3 installer and binaries on GitHub, along with detailed discussions and announcements from the product teams:

Stay up-to-date with all the features of .NET 9 by exploring the latest releases and announcements:

For information on any breaking changes in .NET 9 and a comprehensive list of release notes and discussions for all preview releases, refer to the Release Index thread.

We're thrilled to continue delivering new capabilities and improvements with each preview release of .NET 9. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we work towards the final release!