Common JavaScript Functions

In dynamics most of the time we need to prepare a demo for clients in a short time. And to achieve this we need to prepare a library of Java Script, which is helpful to design your demo in a short time.

Prepare your library according to my previous blog. Please check the below screen.

  1. GetDate - Use to get date field value. 

  2. PartDate - Use for getting the date in parts.

    Note - Months start from 0 which means 0 for January, so we need to incrementalize.

  3. CurrentDateTime - Get Current Date and Time.

  4. SetCurrentDateTime - Set current date and time.

  5. AddDaysInDate - Some requirement to add days in date. So AddDaysInDate function will use.

  6. SetTime - Set time in field.

  7. GetBusplateLookup - Use to fetch the lookup field value and set in some variables.

  8. SetBusplateLookup - Use for setting the lookup field.

  9. GetFormType - Below mentioned function is used for getting the form type and also mentioning how to use the switch statement in java script.

  10. SetApproval - This function is used for setting user approval confirm box.

  11. HideShowTab - Use for Hiding and Showing the tab.


  12. TabColor - This function is used for coloring the form tab.

    Note - Use the "Use legacy form rendering" in System setting.

  13. Generate the Auto number for demo.