Get The Basic Of Swift Programming Language

swift Introduction

Swift is a new programming language used for iOS and OS X Application development. It was developed by Apple in 2010.

What is Swift programming language?

Swift programming language is the best language to develop iOS Applications and Mac OS X Applications.It is a new programming language, introduced by Apple with the new features listed below,
  1. A programmer writes our code and it immediately executes.
  2. Swift has syntax like objective-C.
  3. Swift uses existing Cocoa frameworks.
  4. Swift is safe and has a safe programming pattern.
Swift programming comes from the various popular programming languages like Python, Ruby and C# etc.

Syntax of Swift programming language
  1. import Cocoa  
  2. var srt1 = "Hello, World!"  
  3. println(str1)  
Syntax of Swift programming language is very similar to Python programming.

Decision making statement

Swift programming language has many decision making statements like C programming language, which are:
  1. if statement
  2. if else statement
  3. leader if else statement
  4. nested if statement
  5. switch statement
I have only one statement dedicate declare to the variable the sample program in if else statement. program,
  1. var a = 10  
  2. var b = 20  
  3. if (a < b) {  
  4.     print("a is less than b")  
  5. else {  
  6.     print("b is greater than a")  
  7. }  
if else statement is condition true,
  1. print("a is less than b")  
another else statement is condition false,
  1. print("b is greater than a") exit the program.