How To Create A Setup File In VS 2015

Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Installer Project.

Right Click on your Solution -> Add New Project -> Choose Other Projects -> Visual Studio Installer -> SetUp and Development -> Give the project Name


Click Ok

Right Click On Application Folder-> Add -> Project Output

Choose your Main Project

It will add all the DLL to the folder

Right Click on the Primary Output ->Create Shortcut to Primary output

Right Click->Cut

Choose User’s Desktop on the left hand side->Paste the Primary Output on the Right Hand Side (To show the User’s Desktop)

Right Click on User’s Programs Menu-> Add->New Folder->Rename It

RightClick on the Right Hand Side->Click Add New Shortcut


Choose application folder->Primary Output->ok

RightClick on the Setup from Solution Explorer->Build it->Go to the project physical path ->choose the setup project->Debug-> and you will find the Setup File,