Item Level Permission Based on Column Value Using Nintex


I created  a SharePoint list with the following columns. Column manager has people picker field, and I want to write a workflow in Nintex which provides permissions if the name is present in manager column.
The above item can be accessed by the employee whose name is present in the Manager column.
We are writing Nintex workflow to achieve the solution.
Step 1. Click on List and expand workflow setting and click on "Create a workflow in nintex workflow" as shown below
Step 2: Blank workflow will open. Now right click on square and select "Insert Core Action" --"Libraries and List" - Set Item Permission as shown below.

Step 4: Double click on Set Item Permission shown above, the window will open as follows
Step 5: Select dropdown "Inherit Permission from the parent as "No" and click on the browse button in front of Users under the heading "User Permissions."
Step 6: Click on Lookup then
            Click Manager under Item Properties
            Click Add - Manager will appear in Selections
            Click Ok
Step 7: Select the permission level as per your requirment
Step 8: Click on Save and Publish the workflow
Step 9: Go to workflow setting and select the checkbox as below
Start when items are created - Yes

Start when items are modified - Yes
Again save and publish the workflow. Add a record in the list and check that weather permission has been changed.