JavaScripts used for My Open Source Based Web Development

Now a days, I am exploring open source community based tools a lot. Reason being the pace with which open source community is growing and tools which they are coming with are really helping the community.
There are various areas where we see open source community is contributing like development frameworks, storage, development life cycle management etc.
I take this opportunity to list some of the java scripts which I am using either for my web development or POC work.
  1. AngularJS
    Open-source web application framework for dynamic web apps.
  2. Moment.js
    To parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in JavaScript.
  3. Chart.js
    Open Source HTML5 Charts used mainly for basic charts to display analysis.
  4. Underscore.js
    JavaScript Library of 100+ helper functions and also used for some of the basic analysis of JSON based data.
  5. Node.JS
    Open Source, cross platform runtime for developing server side web applications using JavaScript.
  6. Bootstrap.js
    Plugins for simple and transition effects of bootstrap components.
  7. Countdown.js
    A simple JavaScript API for producing an accurate, intuitive description of the timespan between two dates.
  8. Auth0Lock
    To add authentication to web site with minimal efforts.
Hope some of you are already using them or thinking on those lines.
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