Overview of SOFE Architecure (SOFEA)


These days everybody is talking about JavaScript Libraries and client-side development. Earlier Javascript was used in a very limited way and developers were not really bothering to learn about this. But from the last couple of years, things are totally changed and now people are very much serious about Java script and lots of new libraries even framework been developed using JavaScript. As the industry is moving towards Mobile First Approach which makes client-side development become popular.
What is SOFEA (Service Oriented Front End Architecture)?
As client-side development is widely used and preferred by the Business which evolved a new architecture called SOFEA (Service Oriented Front End Architecture).In this architecture presentation logic(client code) is decoupled from business logic and user interface will get data from services in the form of JSON\XML with the help of AJAX requests. SOFEA is a Paradigm shift from server-side MVC to client-side MVC.
How does it work?
SOFEA architecture is developed with the help of the SPA(Single Page Application). In the first request, all HTML and JavaScript are been download and then each request page is bind with Data comes with the help of AJAX. As it totally depends on AJAX so this approach is also called Full AJAX.
Popular Frameworks for SOFE Architecture
  • Angular JS
  • Knockout.JS
  • Bakcbone.Js
Benefits of SOFE Architecture
  • Presentation tier is decoupled from the Business tier which helps the application to get a response faster.
  • Run-on a multitude of devices.
  • Very Well supported in Cloud Environment.
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