How To Convert Unstructured Data Into a Structured Format

Nowadays, Python is very popular data science language. It is easy to use, OOPs based and needs less coding.

This is my first blog on C# Corner on Python technology. Nowadays, Python is a very popular data science language that is easy to use, OOPs-based, and needs much less coding.
First, install Python, which is open source and available for all platforms, and you can download it from the link -
Steps for Windows installation are easy.
Second, install Anaconda Manager from the link - and follow the installation steps.
Third, search and open Anaconda Prompt. Now, install pandas by typing 'pip install pandas'.
Forth, find and open jupyter notebook. Copy and paste the below code to convert unstructured data into structured format. 

I have attached the zip file of the code that contains the files jupyterSample.ipynb and sample.xlsx.
Try it and give your suggestions to make it better. 
Best of luck.