15+ years of experience working with cutting-edge technologies and tools.
  • Affordable rates and flexible hours.
  • We may cut your software developmnet cost by building a team of on-site and off-site developers.
  • No work is small work. We can work for smaller project from few hours to weeks or month. No need to hire full-time when you can outsource your work.
  • Our Expertise - Sharepoint, C#, VB.NET, Windows Forms, Silverlight, WPF, WCF, SAAS, ASP.NET, AJAX, Project Server, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, iPhone, Android, Mobile
  • We cut middle-man for you. We are the developers. We work direct for you.
  • Our developers are expert in what they do. Many of us our authors, MVPs and certified developers.
  • Latest Consulting Articles

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    posted by MikeGold on Jun 03, 2008 Many .NET software projects today are accomplished by remote programming talent. This article illustrates some suggested guidelines to follow for both client and consultant when proceeding with their project.

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    Featured Consulting

    Mahesh Chand

    Mahesh Chand lives in Philadelphia, PA area. He is an independent Consultant, author, and a Microsoft MCP and MVP for Visual C#. He has 14 years of IT experience implementing Client/Server, Database, Graphics and/or Web based systems. He has developed systems for the Financial and Banking, Engineering & Architectural, Imaging, Construction, Biological & Pharmaceuticals, and software development industries such as Microsoft, Unisys, Barclay’s, Centocor (J&J), McGraw-Hill, and Excelon. Before moving to C# and .NET in year 2000, he spent his career working with SQL Server, Access, Visual Basic C++, MFC, VC++, ATL, COM, and ActiveX. Since 2000, he has been working with C#, Visual Basic .NET, Web Services, Windows Forms, GDI+, Project Server, Sharepoint Portal Server, Crystal Reports, Reporting Services, SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005. Recently, he has worked on SharePoint 2010, Silverlight, WPF, iPhone, Windows Phone, LINQ, SQL Server, Oracle and Cloud Computing and other cuttin

    Praveen Moosad

    I have over 10 years of IT industry experience with Microsoft technologies. I hold Masters degree in Computer Science and Applications and Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. I am responsible for content publishing, product development, and migration of existing contents. I am also responsible for hiring new team members and managing the existing team.