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How to integrate the AB testing methodology into the current automatio

Aug 18 2022 3:29 AM

We presently use Automation Framework with MStest and Selenium C# POM framework for the e-commerce domain in our organization.

Currently, organizations are moving toward an AB testing strategy for a few pages.

Therefore, I am unsure of the testing strategy in the existing Automation Framework I should employ so that the code and pages will function properly across all design approaches.

 in our situation, A/B testing will be conducted for several users; for example, one person may receive Design A for the basket page, while a different user may receive Design B.

But for the Automation Framework, the important concern is how to handle both the designs POM and how our framework can choose which code to check for if it receives Design A/B for the basket page.

I am absolutely new to AB testing, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.