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How to Populate Dropdownlist in Datagrid Dynamically?

Mar 24 2006 5:25 AM

Hi group,

I am using a Datagrid with Dropdown, and the values which I have to show in drop are derived from output of a query so I cant use DataSource directly to populate the Dropdown and cant even hardcoad the Listitems in dropdown.
These populated entries are also supposed to be used in an Insert Query.

This is how I have added the dropdown in Datagrid,

<asp:TemplateColumn HeaderText="MTD">
           <ItemTemplate>       <asp:DropDownList id="list" AutoPostBack="True" runat="server"  
                 Width="150px">' DataTextField="X_VALUE">

Please suggest me how to do this dynamically or is there any other way to do this?
(I am using ASP.NET 1.1)

Thanks and Regards,

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