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  • Creating MP3 Player Using Arduino8/29/2017 3:37:19 AM. In this tutorial, we can learn how to interface SD card module with arduino and play audio files .audio convert: Code :
  • MP3 Media Player in C# 4.03/7/2013 5:10:23 PM. In this article I am going to describe how to make MP3 player in c# .net.
  • Simple MP3 Player9/29/2012 10:35:47 AM. The attached source code with this article is a simple MP3 player written in C# and Visual Studio 2008.
  • Simple MP3 Player11/17/2006 11:18:55 PM. So many people are asking how to play MP3 and WAV files that I put together this simple player. One button and six lines of code. Thats all there is.
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