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  • Why "Service Locator" is an "Anti-Pattern" for Dependency Injection2/13/2018 10:13:57 PM. The Service Locator is used as a replacement for the new operator. The problem with service pattern is that it hides a class's dependencies and is a bonafide anti-pattern. In fact, it takes away a
  • Dependency Injection - Part 7 - Service Locator Pattern2/13/2018 10:12:51 PM. Service locator pattern is one of the most commonly used patterns. In general, this pattern is used along with other patterns like Adapter Pattern, Observer Pattern, Dependency Injection Principles an
  • Service Locator Design Pattern6/9/2014 4:30:09 PM. This article assumes a basic knowledge of de-coupled architecture. An understanding of various design patterns will help you to understand this better.