Creating a Dialog in LightSwitch Visual Studio 2012

Create a Dialog for a Mobile Client in a LightSwitch using Visual Studio 2012

In this article I describe how to create a dialog for a LightSwitch Application.

By creating a dialog for your LightSwitch app, you can display information on a phone or other mobile device that's running a client for that application.

When a dialog appears, users must click its OK or Cancel button to close it. You can create multiple dialogs for any screen and share the same dialog between screens.

Steps for creating a Dialog

Step 1

Open the Solution Explorer

solu explo.jpg

Step 2

In Solution Explorer, open the HTML client screen for which you want to create a dialog.

htmlscreen open.jpg

Step 3

The Screen Designer appears.


Step 4

In the screen designer, right-click on the Command Bar node, and then choose the "Add" button.

command bar.jpg

Step 5

The Add Button dialog box appears.

add button.jpg

Step 6

In the Add Button dialog box, choose "Choose an existing item".

add button.jpg

Step 7

In the showTab list, choose edit to create an addAndEditNew Details screen.


Step 8

In the Navigate to list, choose New Screen, and then choose the OK button.


Step 9

Add New Screen dialog box appear.


Step 10

In the Add New Screen dialog box, give the dialog some name, and specify the screen data and additional data to include and click OK button.


Step 11

The Screen Designer consisting of a Dialog will appear.


Step 12

Now in the Solution Explorer the HTML Client consists of AddEditTab.


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