Create Content Type Hub in SharePoint 2013

Content Type Hub

Content Type Hub is a centralized location where we manage and publish content types to other web applications.

  • Content Type Hub is actually a Site Collection.

  • Content Type is published and subscribed using the Managed Metadata Service application.


  1. Follow the procedure below to create a content type hub. Open Central Administration then select Manage Web Applications > Create New Web Application. This will be our publishing application.
    create new web application
  2. Create a new site collection under the new web application.
    create site collection
  3. The site collection looks like the following.
    site collection looks
  4. Create a new content type under the site collection. Name it Travel Request.
    Travel Request
  5. Open Central Administration then select Manage Service Application > Choose Managed Metadata Service > Click Properties.
    Managed Metadata Service
  6. Enter the Content Type Hub URL as shown below.
    Content Type Hub URL
  7. Now choose the connection (sub item) of Managed Metadata Service.
    sub item of Managed Metadata Service
  8. Check the following options that ensure subscribing published content types.
    Publish option

  9. Back to our Source Content Type. Choose the Content Type Settings > Manage Publishing for this Content Type.
    published content types
  10. Choose the Publish option and click the OK button.
    Choose the Publish option

  11. Go to Central Administration then select Monitoring > Review Job Definitions. Select the following jobs:

    • Content Type Hub
    • Content Type Subscriber (For Default SharePoint Site)

    Content Type Hub

  12. Choose the Run Now option for each job as shown below inducing a few minutes delay in between.
    edit timer job
  13. Refresh the Subscribing site collection and you should be able to see the new content type.
    site setting

This concludes our content type publishing and subscribing.

Summary of Activities

The following is a summary of activities:

  1. Create Content Type Hub: Web Application and Site Collection
  2. Create Content Type under Site Collection
  3. Manage Metadata Service Application
  4. Manage Metadata Service Application Connection
  5. Publish Content Type
  6. Run Timer Jobs
  7. Refresh Subscribing Site Collection
  8. Ensure Content Type is visible

Publish a content type from a content publishing hub.


In this article we explored how to create a content type hub.