Disable List Attach file Option in SharePoint 2010

Here we will see how we can disable the Attachment option in the SharePoint List.

In this article you will learn disable the Attachment option in SharePoint list 2010 using list settings.

Steps to follow to Disable/Hide the Attachment option  

Create a list by default there is an Attachment is enabled when it is created.  You can able while add a new Item, as shown below

Before changing the settings by default


Now will see how we can disable

Navigate as directed below  


Click on Advanced Settings under General Settings: 

You will then see the below screen.  Select the "Disabled" option to hide the attach file to the end users. Then click ok. 


You will get an alert message like this as shown below

Click ok to Confirm the same then you will be redirected to list settings page.

Now add new item to the list. You can able to see the difference from earlier is as shown below

Note: if you want to enable it again, you follow the same procedure as I mentioned above, you have select Enabled Instead of Disabled.