Features in SharePoint designer 2010

Here I will explain Some New Features in SharePoint Designer 2010

It's a tool for Rapid development for SharePoint Applications using SharePoint designer. It's easy to use. If you want to customize SharePoint 2010 you can create a rapidly create a SharePoint Solution in response to business needs. Here will see some of new features in SharePoint Designer 2010.

1. Reusable Work flow

This new feature allows you to create a workflow that can be applied to as many lists or libraries on the site as you needThe workflow can then only be activated only on lists or libraries containing that content type, which eliminates the need to build a check content type action into the workflow itself

2. SharePoint Designer ribbon allows easy access to workflow building blocks

The SharePoint Designer ribbon is your one-stop-shop for all the tools and parts you need to create your workflows

3. Impersonation Step

This step allows the workflow to perform all actions within that step with the permissions of the author of the workflow, not the person who initiates the workflow. This means that the workflow can perform actions the user would otherwise be restricted from doing on the site – for example copying an item or document to another library to which the user has only visitor access.

4. Two-way import/export between SharePoint Designer and Microsoft Visio Premium 2010

It allows SharePoint workflows to be built visually using tools in Visio 2010 and exported directly into SharePoint Designer. Using the Microsoft SharePoint Workflow template in Visio (found in the "Flowcharts" template section), you will get access to all the actions and conditions available within SharePoint Designer

If you want to Explore more and play with Microsoft SharePoint designer 2010, to download Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 (64-bit)
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Note for Migration Consideration:- Some Features are removed in Sharepoint designer 2010,i.e "Contributor Settings" ,"Import Site Wizard" Similarly, there is some other feature also, Things need to Take care, When planning a migration to SharePoint Designer 2010, review what is new, changed, and removed for SharePoint Designer 2010.