Create Theme in PowerPoint 2013

In this article we are explaining how to create or select a theme in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013. PowerPoint 2013 provides the ability to create a new theme according to your needs. Microsoft has launched PowerPoint 2013. When you open PowerPoint, you will see some built-in themes. Microsoft developed PowerPoint 2013 with many new features. If you want to select a theme, click on the theme you want and then click on the create Button.

Steps How to Create a Theme in PowerPoint 2013

Step 1

First open the Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013, as in:


Step 2

After opening PowerPoint, you can select the theme you want:


Step 3

After clicking on a theme, click on the Create Button:


Step 4

The theme will then be created. In this step, you can insert a theme, design a theme, animate a theme, and do other things.


Step 5

In this step, I write a Title which you want and you can design a theme.


Step 6:

In this step, if you want to add to a theme then you can. You click on "New Slide" under Insert. You can add your images or photos. These are shown in the following figure:


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