How to Generate Scripts of Your Database

In SQL Server 2012 you can generate a script of your database as in the following:

  1. Open SQL Server. Expand databases by right-clicking on your desired database then click on Tasks and then click on Generate Scripts.

  2. Now you have the following two options:

       1) Script the entire database (get a script of the entire database)
       2) Select specific database objects (get a script of specific objects or tables)

    Select your choice and click on "Next".

  3. Here specify the name and location for the script.

  4. And select the option of Script For Server Version (for which version of SQL Server you are generating the script) as in the following:

  5. Types of Data to Script Option: if you want to generate a script of only the Schema (empty database) then select the option of “Schema Only” and if you want to generate a script of the schema and the data (database plus data) then select the option of “Schema and Data”.

  6. Then click on OK and then a dialogue will appear where you can find the status of the script and after a successful generation of the script click on "Finish".

  7. If you want to run this script on another system then just double-click on the script and it will be opened in SQL Server then click on execute and the database will be attached successfully.

Thanks. Looking for your positive responses.

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