How to Change Notification Limits of Quotas Available to specified Users


In today's article you will learn how to change Notification Limits of the quotas available to various users.

In one of my previous articles I told you How to Assign Disk Quota to Particular User in Windows Server 2012.

Whenever a quota is assigned to a User and he uses the entire quota then notifications are generated at various levels and are provided to the user so that he can delete unnecessary files and can make space in the quota or can request to extend the quota.

You can make changes in the Notification Limits through the File Server Resource Manager, for that you need to use following

Step 1

First of all open the Server manager of your Windows Server 2012.

notification 1.jpg

Now on the right hand an option will be available named "Tools", open it and click on the "File Server Resource Manager".

Note: Ensure you have already installed the File Server Resource Manager, otherwise this option will not be available under the Tools Menu.

notification 2.jpg

Step 2

Now you will see that File Server Resource Manager is opened, that will look something like this:

notification 3.jpg

Now under the Action Pane an option will be available named "Configure Option", click on this option and open it.

notification 4.jpg

Step 3

Now the Configure Option Wizard will be opened where by default the E-Mail Notification Page will be opened.

notification 5.jpg

Here click on the Notification Limits Tab, this will open the page where you can make changes in the Notification Limits.

Provide the time in minutes in various categories. This will lead to notifications after the specified period of time.

notification 6.jpg

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