Windows Process Activation Service Support For Application Server


In today's article you will learn about Windows Process Activation Service support for Application Server.

When we install the Application Server it provides us an option for installing the Windows Process Activation Services (WAS) for the applications that are built in WCF.

Step 1

Open the Server Manager in Windows Server 2012 and click on the Manage Button to open the "Add Roles and Features" to add the new feature.


Step 2

Now a new window will be opened in which a few instructions are shown, click on "Next".


Step 3

Now will be asked for the "Installation type" from which you need to select the first option and then click on "Next".


Step 4

Now you need to select the server from the Server Pool. Since I had only one server in the Server Pool, my server is selected by default.


After selecting the Server click on "Next".

Step 5

Now a List of Rolls will appear in front of you, in this list you will find an option named as "Application Server". Check this option and then click on "Next".


Now a list of Features will be available for selection, you can select any feature you want to use and then click on "Next" or simply click on "Next" without selecting any Feature.


Step 6

The next page will show information about the Application Server. After reading this information click on the "Next" Button.


Now the Role Services associated with the Application Server is ready to be checked. Here click on "Windows Process Activation Service Support" and check all the available parts under it.


After that click on "Next".

Step 7

Now all the Features to be installed will be shown to you and if you want to install them then you need to click on the "Install" button, otherwise go back and make any necessary changes.


Now your installation process will begin, It will take time depending on the processing power of your server.

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