Getting started with Expression Web

Introduction to Expression Web 4

Microsoft has introduced Expression Blend as a powerful tool to help designer and developers join hand in creating a highly interactive and lively application. We can say that Expression web is the combination of User thought power, Designers designing skill and developer's outstanding effort. Hence this is blend of all this and as a result very versatile as well as User interactive application can be designed through Expression web. User can create user interface elements in this,Open a site, page, Use Site Views, Use page views, Use the Snapshot Panel, Use browser preview, Use SuperPreview. Apart from Expression Web microsoft has also introduced other highly interactive applications such as:

  • Expression Blend 4

  • Expression Design 4

  • Expression Encoder 4

  • Expression Encoder Screen capture

  • Expression Web Super Preview

  • Expression Web 4

On account of its high definition Expression Web 4 has hundreds of controls and interfaces divided into three main types:

  1. menus : There are twelve menus present on the menubar of the Expression Web4.


  2. toolbars : Toolbar is one of the important part of the interactive designing. There are a eleven number of toolbars available in Expression Web.


  3. panels : There are approximate twenty panels available in Expression Web4.


The profusely loaded toolbox of the expression web makes it more easier to use and sophisticated to design and outstanding to develop. Take a look at the toolbox of this Expression web, you will find that the toolbox is divided into four main parts

HTML tags

  • Div
  • Span
  • Break
  • Horizontal line
  • Image
  • Inline Frame
  • Layer
  • Paragraph

Form controls

  • Advanced Button
  • Drop down box
  • Form
  • Group Box
  • Input ( Button)
  • Input (Checkbox)
  • Input (File)
  • Input (Hidden)
  • Input (Image)
  • Input (Radio)
  • Input (Reset)
  • Input (Submit)
  • Input (Text)
  • Label
  • Text Area


  • Deep zoom
  • Flash movie
  • Silverlight
  • Windows Media Player

ASP.NET controls :  This contains a large number of tools which makes the user feels as if working with the Visual studio itself. These tools are mainly :

  • Standard
  • Data
  • Validation
  • Navigation
  • Login
  • Webparts
  • Ajax


Here all these tools of ASP.NET are further divided into number of tools.

Installation :

  1. To install Expression Web4, Download Expression studio Ultimate from This is a complete pack of all the Expression Tools together with Expression Web4.

  2. Next requirement for successful installations is .net framework4.0to download this visit this link

  3. Now install Expression studio ultimate and enjoy developing applications in Expression Web4.

Getting Started with Expression Web :

  1. After successful installation select Expression web from All Programs--> Microsoft Expression --> Expression Web 4.   

  2. The home screen opens up and a message window pops up asking you to make to make Expression Web 4 your default HTML editor. Now the front page opens up which contains menus in the menubar, toolbar , toolbox, Folder window which shows the folder or images you would be using in your application, There are drag and drop Html tags and similarly other controls. In the center white part you can edit your application in the design as well as mark up view.


Now you can create your own website or edit website in this application. Hope you will find it interesting to design and edit web applications in Expression Web.

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