An Introduction to iOS 7

This article is an introduction to iOS 7, the operatng system for iPhone and iPad devices. It includes a collection of apps that let you do everyday tasks.

iOS 7 introduced two new APIs for updating the app’s content in the background.

The following are the APIs:

  • Background fetch
  • Remote notifications

Background fetch

Background fetch allows new content to be fetched and also the data from the network at regular time intervals.

Remote notifications

Remote notifications allow an app to be notified when an event has occurred.

Both APIs are simple application delegates.

iOS 7 is the seventh major iOS mobile operating system. It is designed by Apple.

In other words iOS 7 was designed to be easy to understand. In iOS 7 the user interface has been completely redesigned.

iOS 7 introduces an animation system for games.

iOS 7 provides many features like Multitasking and peer to peer connectivity.

iOS 7 is simple, useful and enjoyable.

iOS 7 supports both 32 -bits and 64 -bits.

iOS 7 supports the following two types of frameworks for games:

  • Game Controller Framework
  • Sprite Kit Framework

Game Controller Framework

The Game Controller Framework was made for iPhone and iPad. It is the device that can be connected physically to an iOS device. It can also connect wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Sprite Kit Framework

The Sprite Kit Framework is the most powerful feature for game developers. The Sprite Kit Framework provides new libraries that include animations and physics.

The Sprite Kit Framework is the framework for making 2D games.

Features of iOS 7

iOS 7 includes the following features:

  • Control Centre
  • Notification Centre
  • Multitasking
  • Camera
  • Airdrop
  • App Store
  • iCloud

Control Centre

Control Centre is a very important feature of iOS 7. It gives you very quick access control.

Notification Centre

It is also a very important feature of iOS 7. The Notification Centre notifies you about new mail, new messages, some missed calls and something more.


iOS 7 provides multitasking for the apps. Multitasking is used to switch among the apps. Multitasking is used for updating the content before launching the apps.


The new iOS 7 camera shoots the images in burst mode. It supports square photo mode as well as video mode and panoramic mode.

App Store

The App Store is a very powerful feature of iOS 7. It provides many search options and also supports automatic app update.

It also allows the user that which app is popular in a specific area.


iCloud is also a very important feature of iOS 7. With iCloud you can share photos, videos and also share your best moments with your favourite people.


It is also a very important feature of iOS 7. Using Airdrop you can share photos and videos very quickly.  If we do not use airdrop then we must do too many steps to share photos and videos.

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