Add Logo to a Site in SharePoint 2013

One can easily add a logo to SharePoint 2013. When you add a logo, it will appear at the top of every page. So here I have provided the procedure to add a logo to your page. Here it is.

1. Sign in with site administrator (provide login ID and Password).

Provide login ID and Password

2. Create a new site by clicking the “New” icon at the top. Here you can either create a new site or you can continue with the existing one. For the existing one you can proceed with any of the following URLs:


3. Enter all the site details and click the “Ok” button to create a new site. This will create a new site.

Create a new site

4. Double-click on the new site.

site details

5. Click the “Settings“ menu (gear icon) on the top right corner of the page.

created site

6. Click the “Site Contents” option present under the “Settings” menu.


7. Click "add an app".

add an app

8. Go to “Apps you can add”, click on Picture library.

Apps you can add

9. Enter a name for the picture you want to add as a logo and click the “Create” button.


10. Double-click on the new app that you created and now click on the Upload button. Upload a logo from your computer.

Upload a logo

11. Copy the image URL address.

URL address

12. Now click “Site Settings” under the “Setting” menu.

Site Settings

13. Select “Title, Description & Logo” under the “Look and Feel” list. Paste the image URL address into the box and click the “Ok” button. You can also provide a description for your reference.

Look and Feel

14. The logo is added to the top of every page and your changes will be saved automatically.