Create And Change User Account Type In Windows 10


As all we know Windows 10 provides a lot of new features, changing the user account type of a friend or family is one of them. Using it you can give them more or less control over the computer. With the help of these features, you could protect your system from other users or can give additional permissions to new users, so they can easily install new software. There are two different account types.
The first one is an Administrator and second is a Standard User.

An Administrator

An Administrator is the one who has total control over the computer. An Administrator can install software or hardware, change advanced settings, access all files, manage other user accounts, and other things that can affect all users of the computer. If you are the owner of the computer and the first user, you are already an Administrator for that particular system.

A Standard User

A Standard User is someone who can only make changes for a user account, can't access all the files over the system, can only access his/her files, and change the settings that will only affect him/her. This is ideal if you want to give basic permissions to access your system to your child or someone else. This is the default account type for additional users on a computer.
Steps for Creating and Changing User Account Type in Windows 10.
Step 1
Go to the home menu and click on the Settings App.
Figure 1: Setting App
Step 2
Clicking on settings opens a new window with many options. Click on Accounts.
Figure 2: Accounts
Step 3
On the left sidebar, you can see many options, click on Family & other Users.
Figure 3: Family and Other Users
Step 4
Have a look at your right window and select the second section, Other users.
Figure 4: Other User
Step 5
Click on Add someone else to this PC in Other users.
Figure 5: Add some other user
Step 6
After clicking on Add someone else, a new window will open on your system with the name of Add a User.
Figure 6: Add a User
Step 7
After creating a new user you can change the user account type, for this click Change account type.
Figure 7: Change account type
Step 8
After clicking on the Change account type you will get a new window with the Account Type options, select any one of them that you want.
Figure 8: Account Type
Figure 9: Administrator
Now you can add anyone and you have successfully changed the user account type and the permissions the user has over the computer. If the user is already signed in, he/she will also need to sign out before the changes will take effect.


In this article, we saw how to create and change the user account type in Windows 10.

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